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  • Business Consultation

    As much as our training prepared us to be therapists, it did not teach us how to be business owners or marketing strategists! We’ve learned through our own experience that building a thriving private practice is SO much more than clinical work and consultation. It’s marketing, social media management, website pages, building networks, branding, fee setting, getting clients, managing expenses, and more. It’s thinking creatively and strategically and clarifying your own values and goals. 

    Why do more work researching and comparing the best options to support your practice growth and development when we’ve already done a lot of that work for you? We’ve learned a ton through the process of building and growing our values-aligned practice (and making mistakes!), and we want to share our knowledge and resources with you.

    Our consultation services are designed to help you master the business of therapy. We want you to have more work/life balance, see more clients that excite you, and connect with more joy in your life while worrying less about referrals, SEO, and bottom lines.

    We’re also feminist therapists, and believe strongly in making all aspects of therapy more inclusive and social-justice informed—even the business side. Whether it’s updating old intake forms, deciding to be paneled with insurance, developing a fair and sustainable pay scale for your team members, or thinking through how to make your services more equitable and accessible, we’re here to help you lean into more radical and inventive business structures. 

    We have consultation offerings to support owners of both individual (solo) and group practices.

    “business consulting has been deeply relieving for me. grad school, training sites, and the overall field of mental health & wellness do not set you up for financial security or success. kaitlin is helping me to be creative and enterprising about my passions, and offering guidance I would otherwise never receive”



    As owners of a group practice ourselves, we know that structure and support are key to growing a business. We can assist you in:

    • Clarifying your values and mission.
    • Building your ideal practice culture.
    • Setting goals for growth and sustainability.
    • Hiring and retaining your ideal, values-aligned employees, ensuring proper supervisory structures, labor law compliance, and navigating the challenges of managing other humans.
    • Budgeting & increasing your take-home pay.
    • Delegating all the stuff for which you don’t have any time or energy.
    • Providing a space to help hold you accountable to implementing more sustainable practices.
    • Building systems that foster more work/life balance and will support the business to run while you’re focusing on enjoying your life.

    If there’s something that’s been holding you back from growth, we can support you in boldly and confidently pursuing that next step.


    We want to support you in building the structures and support you need, so that you can focus on doing clinical work with the clients you love. This might include:

    • Articulating your own values and practice goals.
    • Establishing consistent values-forward branding so that you attract your ideal clients.
    • Managing social media accounts.
    • Examine your relationship to finances, fee-setting, and professional self-worth and build a practice that sustains you.
    • Developing creative strategies for marketing to increase your caseload.
    • Streamlining the referral process.
    • Build structures and supports to offload tasks you aren’t engaged in and get to focus on being a therapist

    Whatever that tedious non-feelings-related thing that you’ve been avoiding, we can help you address it.


    Business Consultation is an investment in growing the practice you want and building support to have more peace of mind.   Individual Business Consultation Sessions are $190 for 50 minutes. We recommend that you plan for at least 4-6 sessions with ongoing maintenance available as needed.  We can also provide single consultation sessions for specific questions you may have or regular weekly/bi-weekly sessions if schedules permit.

    we look forward to working with you!