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  • Group Therapy

    The Soul Talk loves groupwork! We have facilitated a range of group offerings that promote wellbeing via the sharing of your experience and resonating with others. All of our groups bolster connection, vulnerability, curiosity, and reach for empathic understanding and appreciation of our shared experiences as well as our differences. Groups often include education and cultivation of skills for managing big feelings and building intimacy within the group members and in relationships with others outside of groupwork. Groups are the perfect space to practice tools you’re learning in individual therapy sessions and find the comfort, support, and healing that building new relationships can provide.

    Benefits of Group Therapy

    There are many reasons to give group therapy a try. We’ll talk about them in more detail below, but for us, the most important reason has always been building community. We are big supporters of the need for everyone to find their people – the ones who are there when you really need someone.  Some other benefits of engaging in therapeutic groupwork include:

    “our problems can be made bearable only through the recognition of our universal humanity. we suffer uniquely, but we survive the same way.”


    • You’re Not Alone – there are many difficult and joyous life experiences that are just better when shared, and groups can give you a network of others who understand where you’re coming from. You can get to know yourself and how you interact with others and start developing greater empathy for the needs and goals of your community.
    • Defeat the “It’s Just Me” Mentality – shame and fear make us think the pain we feel is ours and ours alone.  Groups give us the essential opportunity to learn from and connect with others who have similar experiences and emotions and find healing in learning “it’s not just me.” It also gives us the opportunity to show up for and support others with similar challenges, which helps us to overcome our own struggles.
    • Improve Your Relationships – discover how you think, why you react the way you do, and better understand how you are perceived by others. You will share what goes on in your life outside the group but also explore what happens between members in the present moment, providing valuable feedback by witnessing and resonating with each other, while also building skills to navigate conflict.
    • Accountability – tell me if this sounds familiar – in a therapy session I set a goal for myself and felt really excited about it. Then, I went home and forgot to do anything about it until the next session. We get it. Groupwork can be a great source of accountability and encouragement to help you stay committed to working toward change.
    • Cost Savings – if individual therapy sessions are outside of your budget, group therapy may offer a more accessible price point to start therapeutic work.   Kindman & Co. is committed to offering a variety of group options to better serve clients at differing levels of financial need.

    Our Current Groups

    You can find out a little more about our current groups below. Please contact us to let us know if you’re interested in joining a current group or if you have suggestions for groups you’d like to see!


    As a person who has been hurt by religious and spiritual institutions, churches, and/or people of faith, you have likely faced a unique, isolating pain. You have probably been navigating feelings of shame, loneliness, and fear of being judged.

    If you’re a person looking to process religious trauma and heal, this group will be that safe place. Together, group members will build community, explore shared experiences, and empower each other towards acceptance and confidence!

    This group is currently closed. Please feel free to email [email protected] to request to be informed if it will run again in the future.