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Mon - Fri - 7am - 9pm | Sat & Sun 8am - Noon
  • Individual Therapy

    How Individual Counseling Sessions Help

    Distress has a negative connotation. As humans, we tend to avoid painful things, but distress, worry, anxiety, sadness, anger, pain, and other big feelings exist for a reason. At The Soul Talk., we don’t think that experiencing pain means that there is anything wrong with you. We see your distress as vital feedback about your environment. We value humanness and messiness, and use social justice-informed, holistic approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

    At The Soul Talk therapy is a collaborative relationship between you and your therapist. This relationship creates a safe space to help you understand why you are experiencing big feelings, teaches you how to better handle these emotions, supports you to create a thriving community for yourself, and strengthens your capacity to advocate for what you believe in. You may consider individual therapy with us for many reasons, including:

    • Managing Big Feelings – feel less overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, anger, stress, grief
    • Improving Relationships – build community & develop skills to feel more connected, supported, and understood by your loved ones
    • Embracing Authenticity – know and accept yourself for exactly who you are not who you think you “should” be, advocate for yourself, and show yourself more compassion
    • Navigating Tough Situations – grief, breakups, toxic work environments, big choices, or challenging family dynamics
    • Achieving Goals – build clarity around what you’re wanting and define the essential steps to getting there
    • Healing Trauma – whether a single event or the accumulated impact of a lifetime of oppression and marginalization, trauma scars us by disconnecting us from our vitality and sense of safety, therapy can help you start to feel alive again and rebuild your sense of agency
    • Cultivating Resilience – learn to harness your innate strengths and to use your body to support you to meet life’s challenges with increased ease
    • Supporting Social Values  – process feelings of sociopolitical grief and anxiety regarding forces of systemic oppression and the climate crisis through inspired actions that promote collective wellbeing
    • Finding Joy and Purpose – connect with what really matters to you, embrace playfulness, and be your most vibrant self

    Our Ontario therapists can collaboratively help you recognize the sources of your pain, better understand what your distress is alerting you to, process your big feelings, and learn to advocate for your own needs so that you don’t have to accept pain as your “normal.” You can lead a satisfying and joyful life, AND you don’t have to get there on your own.

    Our team of mental health and wellness practitioners are dedicated to creating a welcoming and comfortable environment where you can express your feelings, engage in your authentic way of thinking and approaching the world, and learn to be the best and most liberated version of exactly who you are. We celebrate diversity; both in our team of clinicians and in the people we serve, who come from all cultures and backgrounds.

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