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    Arthi Bala, Registered Psychotherapist , Couples & Sex Therapy

    Arthi Bala – Partnerships & Intimacy | Couples Therapy | Sex Therapy | Women’s Sexual Issues | Men’s Sexual Issues | LGBTQIA+ | Spirituality Feminist Masculinity | Poly Relationships | BIPOC | Racial Trauma |

    Hi I’m Arthi, a Wife, Mother, Friend & Registered Psychotherapist.

    Welcome to my World!

    Services Offered : Individual / Couples / Families / Adolescents 12+ Years

    Therapeutic Modalities : Emotional Focused Therapy / IMAGO / Relational Life Therapy / Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Hypnosis / Sensate Sex Therapy / Trauma Therapy

    Treatment Specialties : Couples Therapy , Infertility, Postpartum, Miscarriage, Desire Disorders, Low Libido , Arousal Disorder , Orgasm Disorder , Pain Disorder, Sexual Identity, Gender Identity , Sexual Confidence, Vaginismus , Sex After Menopause , Erectile Dysfunction , Premature Ejaculation , Delayed or Inhibited Ejaculation, Sexual Abuse & Trauma Same Sex and LGBTQ Insights, Divorce , Separation, Co- Parenting, Parenting, Polyamory, BDSM, Eliminate Stress, Worry , Depression, Anxiety, Trauma , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    A Word on My Style Of Therapy

    My work blends Sacred Tantra Sexuality and Somatic Body Movements into my Psycho-Therapeutic Practice.


    Therapy isn’t about focusing on problems or digging up issues from the past. It’s about creating strategies for moving forward using practical tools, understanding and positivity so you can have the most loving relationship and fulfilling sex life possible.

    I’d like to guide you into bringing joy into your relationship and sex life by instilling you with inspiration and hope, obliterating the shame and embarrassment that we have all been taught to have, and sharing the accurate information and practical, actionable, tools that you deserve.


    I thought my marriage of 10 years was over.

    Our marriage consisted of screaming matches, silent treatment and curse words.

    “I was dead inside. I could not really laugh. I surely could not cry. I was 55 pounds overweight. I could not feel my life.”

    I went to see a couple’s therapist and had a major emotional meltdown. My whole body shook with deep tearful sobs as the pain I had buried so long beneath a mask ruptured like an earthquake from my core. I couldn’t go back to my old life, but I had no idea where else to go. I felt utterly lost. I had no idea who I was.

    I missed the last change to say goodbye to my mother. She took her own life by suicide. I was only a playful little 7 year old girl who dreamed about fairies, unicorns and prince charming when suddenly life became unfair.

    Every mother loves her child, isn’t that just the law of nature?

    Did she not think I was worth living for? I felt abandoned, rejected and not enough. I did not have any bit of compassion; I was full of anger for lack of any better emotion.

    This was when it all began to dawn on me, I had no idea how to really love a man … or how to be happy or even be grateful for all that God/universe, Life, and Love had given me.

    Over the next few years, I would desperately seek to connect with my life. I did that by challenging myself to various tasks. Every challenge I completed boosted my confidence and made me feel amazing.

    8,000 feet altitude 30km solo hike with my 4.5 & 2.5 year old boys. I was determined to climb the toughest mountain in the Western Ghats to challenge myself that I could withstand the divorce and live the rest of my life as a single mother.

    “Sometimes you just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life from your soul”.

    Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit I found the answer to my marriage.

    I hiked one mountain after another, did a cross country road trip and studied under many brilliant visionary teachers. So after 2 years I was finally ready to surrender my life to something other than sadness, desperation, and my own ego.

    I went back to India, learned Yoga professionally in a Gurukul setting & became a Certified Yoga Teacher. The breath work & the slow, meditative movements of yoga, helped calm my body & mind giving my soul some much needed contemplation time!

    I went on to complete my Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy.With first-hand experience of trauma, I became deeply motivated to understand the nuances of supporting clients through a trauma-informed lens. This experience also pointed me towards the significance of resilience building and strength-based approaches.

    Along the way my husband & I discovered the world of Tantra – the Ancient Art and Science of Human Sexuality. Tantra helped transform our marriage, our relationship with our children and the way we view the world. Not only did we resolve our differences but we fell in love again!

    And, we did it by establishing new commitments and relationship habits that brought positive energy to our marriage. I am honored to live my story and add great value to thousands of people I meet in my life.

    And this quickly became my therapeutic practice.

    Today, I live between India & Canada with my loving husband celebrating 18 years of togetherness, 2 handsome boys, a Golden Doodle & Toy Poodle who are my personal therapists… further living my dreams by helping others discover and live theirs.

    If you want empowering support (and accountability) to overcome the challenges you face on your own journey to living your best life, explore working with me.

    As your Thriving Relationship Therapist I can help you:

    Create the exquisite life and relationship you ache for (admit it, you do!).

    Shift sabotaging fear-beliefs into empowering stories that fuel your dreams

    Break through persistent life challenges & create a life full of passion and joy

    and so much more …

    Big Love⎪Good Listener⎪Wet Kisses⎪Non-Judgmental⎪Provides Comfort & Joy⎪Head of HR Department ⎪Chief Greeter