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Mon - Fri - 7am - 9pm | Sat & Sun 8am - Noon

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Mon - Fri - 7am - 9pm | Sat & Sun 8am - Noon
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    Summer Camp At a Therapy Farm

    Nurturing in Nature

    Riverside Therapy Farm offers a unique therapeutic hands-on, real world experience in nature let by a licenced psychotherapist from a person-centred approach combining evidence-based practices such as CBT, Emotional Focused Therapy, Experiential Therapy along with nature and animals which makes our approach holistic, multi-sensory and fun for all while enhancing sensory, emotional, cognitive, and behavioural skills of the child.

    Daily / Weekly / Overnight Camps Available

    $225 Full Week Day Camp $50 Full Day Camp $100 Overnight camp with food and accomodation.Covered by most insurance plans

    Little Farmers get to explore & experience all the wonder and magic of our riverside working farm while participating in activities such as:

    • Gardening & Harvesting
    • Collecting eggs & milking goats
    • Composting
    • Baking & Cooking outdoors (caveman style) from fresh produce
    • Farm games – Archer, BB Guns as a tool of survival (target shooting)
    • Nature walks
    • Swimming on the farm's river
    • Animal care – feeding, cleaning, petting
    • FIshing
    • Kayaking
    • & lots of other adventures

    Little Farmers are encouraged to touch, taste, smell, hear, observe, and ask questions. We focus on teaching respect for animals, plants, the earth, and each other.

    Children of all abilities are welcome at our inclusive farm. We also welcome siblings, friends, relatives – and anyone else who wants to be either as fellow campers or helpers!

    Limited Slots Available

    Due to the nature of the therapeutic group max 20 participants. Spots fill out soon.