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  • Teens & Young adults

    Teens and young adults have a lot on their plates. Many of the big decisions that will impact the rest of their lives are made by young people in high school and college. Parents express concerns for their teenage children, worrying that they’re too angry, seem depressed, lack confidence, drink and use drugs, or are isolated.  Teens and young adults often report feeling isolated, misunderstood, or that they don’t feel like they belong. Even the best parents can struggle to effectively meet the needs of young people at this tumultuous time. If you’re interested in how therapy can help, the Kindman & Co. team would love to hear from you.

    how young adults benefit from therapy 

    As is the case when we work with anyone, the Kindman & Co. team approaches therapy for teens and young adults from the perspective that dealing with big stress and navigating life transitions are things that any of us would struggle with—it’s absolutely okay if you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed. Some of the ways that therapy helps are:

    • Letting young adults vent or get things off their chest. This is important for all of us, and many times, young adults don’t get the validation they deserve as they’re still viewed as “just kids.” 
    • Developing mindfulness, stress-management, decision-making, and coping skills that will help young people through this transitional period and throughout their lives. 
    • Creating a strong foundation of self-acceptance and self-advocacy to help young adults learn to treat themselves and others with more compassion, empathy, and curiosity. 
    • Clarifying identity and increasing authenticity, which may include exploring sexual orientation, life purpose, professional goals, and more. By knowing yourself better, you can live a life of integrity in alignment with your values. 
    • Building intimate and nourishing relationships both in the romantic sense and with your friends and peer group. It’s essential to learn how to foster healthy attachments, set boundaries, navigate conflict, and communicate effectively. Doing the work of establishing healthy relationships will pay off exponentially in the support and sense of belonging you’ll have when navigating the big shifts during the teen and young adult years and beyond.
    • Addressing specific concerns or diagnoses from other practitioners. We don’t think people are broken and need to be fixed, but we know that many parents receive a diagnosis from other healthcare professionals that encourages them to seek treatment.

    our unique approach 

    All of the clinicians at Kindman & Co. work from a relational therapy approach. Simply put, that means we work to model the vulnerability and transparency that both promotes effective therapy and creates a more comfortable environment for our younger clients to share about their experience. We promote social justice and cultural inclusivity by approaching therapy as a journey to fully embracing one’s authentic self, rather than a treatment to “fix” problems. Therapy for teens can be extremely beneficial for anyone who is struggling to accept themselves by cultivating increased self-compassion, opportunities for self-advocacy, and fostering feelings of empowerment.  We want to help you embrace being YOU! Let’s celebrate all of the radical, amazing, and beautiful parts of you, together.